How to install Laravel on windows with xampp server?

Today, We are going to learn about the most popular PHP Framework Laravel. Laravel is the most popular object-oriented PHP framework. We are going to install Laravel on windows with the XAMPP server.  For install Laravel on the windows system, We need to install XAMPP server on windows. Let's install Laravel on the windows system with XAMPP server step by step.

Install XAMPP

First of all, We are going to install XAMPP, If XAMPP server is not installed on your server then let's first install XAMPP on your windows system. Let's download the XAMPP server and install it on the windows system.

Also, Make sure the Download the latest version of  XAMPP server or make sure that compatible with your OS or Laravel Version.

Install Composer

Laravel utilizes Composer to manage its dependencies. Due to, We need to install Composer After, installation the XAMPP server on windows system, let's download and install the composer before using Laravel.

Install Laravel on windows using composer

After, installing XAMPP server and Composer on the windows system. Now, we are going to installing Laravel on windows using composer. Just follow the command for installing Laravel using composer step by step.

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel laravelhive

After, install laravel application let's follow the below command for running Laravel application

cd laravelhive
php artisan serve

Finally, We are ready to use Laravel application using localhost:8000 URL.

So, It's too easy to installing Laravel application on windows server If you face any issue on Laravel installation writes the comment below. Also, Please let me know if you have any corrections or additions.


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