Integrate AdminLTE Laravel 5.6

Today, We are going to learn How to integrate admin theme AdminLTE Laravel. We are using Acacha AdminLte Laravel package As a Laravel Admin panel. Also, AdminLTE is an open source admin panel theme. So, We can easily use AdminLTE with Laravel as an admin panel. Acacha AdminLTE laravel package switch default Laravel scaffolding/boilerplate to an AdminLTE template and Pratt Landing Page with Bootstrap.

First of all, We are going to install Laravel If you don't install laravel then please follow this tutorial to install Laravel.

After, Installing the Laravel let's generate the auth scaffolding and migration using artisan command like

php artisan make:auth
php artisan migrate

Also, If you face any issue when you run migration like "1071 specified key was too long" just follow this tutorial.

Finally, We are ready with the Fresh laravel installation Now, We are going to install AdminLTE with Laravel.

AdminLTE Laravel 5.6

We are going to install AdminLTE admin theme with Laravel 5.6 using Acacha AadminLTE Laravel Package. First of all, We are going to install Acacha AdminLTE package using composer by following the command

composer require "acacha/admin-lte-template-laravel:4.*"

Once the Acacha AdminLTE package is installed  We need to register Service Provider and Aliases to the Laravel application so let's open the config/app.php file and add Service Provide entry first

 * Acacha AdminLTE template provider

Now we are going to register Aliases

 * Acacha AdminLTE template alias
'AdminLTE' => Acacha\AdminLTETemplateLaravel\Facades\AdminLTE::class,

After, Register Service Provides and aliases We need to publish Acacha AdminLTE package configuration and assets using artisan command like

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=adminlte --force

Finally, We are ready with the AdminLTE Laravel now let's run the laravel application by the following command

php artisan serve

If you face any issue to Integrate AdminLTE Laravel 5.6 please write the comment. Also, the improvement and suggestions are always welcome please write the comment.


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